The Curmudgeon’s Guide to Building Drupal Websites

Chris Greatens

Every developer has been there: fresh out of school, new to the field, or using a new technology. There is a lot to know to successfully build Drupal websites. To be successful, developers learn technical skills in school or from websites and books. Applying those skills in the real-world is not always straightforward. In addition, soft skills are equally as important to being successful in this field and are often neglected.

As a developer that has been in the industry for almost a quarter of a century, I have accumulated a list of tips and tricks that has helped me be a successful developer and helped me grow my career from programmer to technical lead to architect to leading a Drupal practice.

In this talk, I will discuss what I have learned related to:

Being a valued team member

Partnering with clients (internal and external)

Being an efficient and effective Drupal developer

Effectively debugging problems

Growing yourself as a developer


Each attendee will come away with tips and useful practices to help her be a more effective Drupal developer, a more valued teammate, and ideas on how to grow as a Drupal developer.