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Drupal Camp Frankfurt
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Watch coder ohthehugemanatee face off in the ring against themer scaragucc' in this ultimate Drupalist showdown!
Starting from the same mockup, these two hardcore Drupalists will compete to build it better in white-knuckle, split-screen action! Scaragucc' is only allowed to use the theme layer, ohthehugemanatee is only allowed to use the module layer. Who will build the best site in this epic competition?

Gasp as scaragucc' manages complex data elements entirely in the theme layer. Feel your heart race as ohthehugemanatee themes from Views. You've never seen Drupal like this before!

Most shops have theme specialists and development specialists, and a large part of Drupal exists in the grey area between them. You'll learn:
Where each approach excels, and where it falls down.
The gaping holes that are difficult for both themers and coders to navigate.
Best practices for site building that grudge matches like these don't happen
Organizational and workflow elements that help your team work together, for the best results.
ohthehugemanatee and scargucc' are trained professionals. Please don't try this at home.

By Campbell Vertesi (https://twitter.com/campbellvertesi) & Adam Juran (https://twitter.com/AdamJuranTenor)
New libraries, frameworks, engineering practices and tools have dramatically changed the creation of PHP software over the last 3 years. Composer played a key role in facilitating the rebirth of the programming language the web is built on. Drupal 8 embraces this new style of PHP development by replacing some of its core subsystems with 3rd party components and libraries, managed with Composer.
By Nils Adermann (http://naderman.de/)
Slides: http://goo.gl/41Cd52

Maintaining a big IT infrastructure is only possible with efficient automation tools. For our freistilbox hosting platform, we use Chef and other datacenter tools to automate administration to an extent that only 2 full-time sysadmins take care of hundreds of servers.

But you as a developer can use these tools as well to make your development and testing much more efficient and pleasant. As a bonus, you can mirror production environments so you won't run into the dreaded "worked on my laptop" problem when you deploy to live servers.

In this talk, I'll explain how you can deploy a consistent Drupal development and testing environment with minimal effort by adding IT automation applications like Chef and Vagrant to your toolbox.

By: Markus Heurung (https://twitter.com/muhh)
Session from the Drupal Camp Frankfurt 2014.

This session is about how to mess with entities and fields in Drupal 8. We look at new featues like magic gets and settes, computed entity properties, property definitions, translation, rendering and many more.

Come and see some Drupal 8 gems.

By Florian Weber

Session auf dem Drupal Camp Frankfurt 2014.

Die unternehmensweite IT-Landschaft in ein Drupal Projekt einzubeziehen und Daten zwischen Anwendungen im Unternehmen global verfügbar zu machen sind immer häufiger Anforderungen an Drupal Projekte im Applikationsumfeld -- und das vorwiegend ohne eine Zeile Code zu schreiben. Dadurch bleiben die wichtigsten Daten lokal im Verantwortungsbereich der jeweiligen Anwendung und können über einen sicheren Zugriff selektiv für die weitere Verarbeitung in Drupal verwendet werden. Durch diese nahtlose Integration mit bestehenden Service Orientierten Architekturen (SOA), passt sich Drupal 8 optimal in die konzernweite Softwarelandschaft ein.

Von Manuel Pistner

What is Configuration Management in Drupal 8, explained in simple terms to be understood by non-developers and developers alike.

Why should you use Configuration Management (and you should!).
How to make the best out of using Configuration Management (Hint 1: use git! Hint 2: Stick to certain development best practices - we'll show you how)

How site admins with no programming knowledge can use it.
The anatomy of configuration files.

We'll take a quick look at how to write your own configuration in a custom module.

By aschiwi (https://twitter.com/aschiwi) & stBorchert (https://twitter.com/stBorchert)
In this session the basic Rules concepts will be introduced, such as events/reactions, conditions, actions, data types, data input methods, lists and creating loops. It will also show how it is possible to re-use configurations using Components.

Some practical use-cases will also be shown, e.g.:
assign all new users a selected role;
set entity field value based on certain condition.
send html e-mail reminders to users on certain events.

by Baddy Breidert (http://www.1xinternet.de)
Session vom Drupal Camp Frankfurt 2014

Hier geht es um eine Anfänger-Session für jene, die bereits Drupal 7 kennen, aber noch keine Zeit hatten, sich mit Drupal 8 zu beschäftigen. Was gibt es Neues? Was ist cool? Was kann der neue Core nun? Die Session zeigt den aktuellen Stand von Drupal 8 hauptsächlich aus Sicht eines Site Builders. Ich streife auch andere Bereiche, aber dafür gibt es meist eigene Sessions, etwa zu Twig oder Configuration Management.


By Nicolai Schwarz (https://twitter.com/textformer)
A first preview of the ERPAL 3 architecture
How we use Drupal Commerce to build a rock solid base for enterprise applications
How you can extend ERPAL 3 to match your ind. requirements
What is the difference between ERPAL 2 and ERPAL 3
How ERPAL 2 and 3 will be continued

By Manuel Pistner (http://www.brightsolutions.de)
Keynote session of the Drupal Camp Frankfurt 2014

The Themers of Drupal have for years been whining & moaning over the "rich markup" markup, confusing theme functionality, Drupals lack of separation from the frontend to the backend and generally WTF when you work in the theme.

Now in Drupal8 The Dark ages of Drupal Theming is gone (forever) phptemplate is put on the bench and is replaced by "a modern tempting system": TWIG


By mortendk (https://twitter.com/mortendk)

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