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Suzanne Dergacheva

Use cases for Drupal are changing and are selected for selecting a web development platform. Drupal is a challenge for the community. Drupal, Drupal, Drupal, Drupal, and Drupal.
Suzanne Dergacheva

For new content editors, Drupal can seem like a daunting maze of complete forms of confusing terminology. If you take some time to customize the UI, it can make a big difference for content editors.

In this session, we'll cover techniques to improve the user experience for content editors. This will include how to make your site better and easier.

Topics will include:

Thinking like a happy editor: user stories for admins
Overall page-building paradigms and How They Effect glad editors
Text formats and WYSIWYG configuration
Field configuration and media management
Landing page editing UI
Custom Views and Dashboards
Encouraging accessed happy
Contributed modules to Improve the content editing experience

This session is designed for website developers and developers who want to improve their knowledge of UX in Drupal.
Grégoire Weber

We hear more and more about CI / CD, credentials of "Continuous Integration" and "Continuous Deployment". This is a development process widely adopted by companies of all sizes in recent months because it brings many benefits. Indeed, the implementation of a system of integration and continuous deployment reduces the time-to-market of its application, while improving the quality and efficiency of the development team work. This type of process also reduces costs on the infrastructure and industrializes the creation of applications.

During this presentation, we will introduce what is a continuous integration and deployment process and show how using this process can simplify your work.
We will then see how Drupal integrates into this process by introducing several tools such as Docker and Travis.
The presentation will be illustrated with a demonstration of a drupal site with an infrastructure using travis and cloud hosting.
Jigar Mehta

As Drupal 8 hits mainstream, migrations from existing Drupal 6 and 7 sites are becoming more important. With D8, migrating is easier than D7. This session will bring you up to speed with discussions on:

* Migration basics: Get the wheel rolling with migrate 8.x.
* Migrating relationships: Migrating taxonomy and related them to nodes.
* Migration I18N: Migrating translatable content to D8.
Annika Oeser

You are a web developer and interested in the "magic" of making websites look professional? You'll learn some tricks from a designer so you can make your own web projects look better and feel more user-friendly. It will also help working with designers and understanding their rationale.
Matt Corks and Joyce Peralta

Drupal is used extensively at McGill University; a team of 10 people a platform used by 1,700 active site managers to power 10 million page views per month on the website ranked # 115 in Canada by Alexa. This is achieved through a shared Drupal multisite architecture, automated deployment and provisioning scripts, dedicated and responsive support staff, extensive internal training and documentation efforts, and an agile workflow. This session will cover the project's goals, scope, history, architecture, staffing, user base, planning, training, documentation, and challenges, and will be co-presented by Matt Corks, a back-end developer, and Joyce Peralta, a web analyst.
Fabrice Labbé

The web is changing rapidly. The first websites were made in static pages (HTML without CSS at the time). Web sites quickly became dynamic using queries on a remote server. And, the CMS of which Drupal appeared. In recent years, we have seen the emergence of CMS static page generators whose main advantage is to combine a content administration interface with static pages.
These CMS of static pages make it possible to obtain sites more powerful and more secure. The development of the site is also simplified, the dynamisation of a template can be done very quickly.

The presentation will be done by Fabrice Labbé who participated (with his twin brother) in ADFAB in the creation of Abe (a better engine) CMS, open source, static page generators (developed in Handlebars, NodeJs and using JSon).
After a presentation of the architecture and operation of Abe. An illustration of Abe's operation will be made by dynamizing a template during the training.

This training will allow you to introduce another approach and a new CMS that has already convinced many large groups (Accor Hotels, BlaBlacar, Gemo ...).
Colan Schwartz & Christopher Gervais

If you need an open-source solution for hosting and managing Drupal sites, there's only one option: the Aegir Hosting System . While it 's possible to find a company that will host your own infrastructure or manage your own software - as - a - service (SaaS) product. Plus, you get all the benefits of open source . We'll cover:

Basic features
Advanced features
Development workflows
Recent additions
Questions & discussion
Salman Jaffery

A lot of things have changed in Drupal 8 and one of the most important things in the world. In this session we are managed by Drupal. How can we better maintain our solutions and maintain our sites / applications.

Nice to know priority to:
- familiarity with Drupal 7/8
- familiarity with YAML
- familiarity with drush
Danielle Lyrette

It's easy to let digital assets pileup. Unlike hoarding that happens in our homes, digital assets do not occupy any physical space, so we do not often realize the magnitude of the problem until it's too late. Fundamentally, neglected digital assets get in the way of success - they bog down site admins and users alike.

In this talk, we'll make a case for being a digital-minimalist, talk about how to complete a useful audit, and how to peel your metaphorical-digital-fingers clutching 5+ year old assets so you can just let go .
Matthieu Gadrat

A hands-on approach to planning and writing documentation as part of a Drupal project.

Wondering how to write useful documentation that will be read? This presentation is for you!
We will discuss the writing of technical documentation, functional and non-functional.
We will see how to survive the documentation after it has been written.
David Pascoe-Deslauriers

New to Drupal 8 development? Want to understand how? Drupal 8 works? Or just curious about what's under the hood?

Join us as we explore the Drupal 8 core codebase. We'll pull things apart, discovering how it works and it's all connected together.
Jean-François Cartier

One could say that event management is either simple or complex. Some will be satisfied with a distribution found on drupal.org or simply with external tools like Eventbrite. Others will have much more specific needs and we believe that conference management often falls into this category.

In the form of a case study, this communication will aim to unveil the strategies and concepts used in the creation of the conference manager that Kiwad has developed over the last year. From architecture to display, it will be about compromises, learning and choices made during the development of such a tool.

The presentation is intended for initiates of the Drupal 8 platform, but also for event management enthusiasts.
Alain Lauzon

Imagine having your WEB site run 1000x faster.

This is what some folks like me are working hard on. The trick is to run a daemon server that has already run the Drupal boostrap and call this server instead directly instead of Apache2 or nginx calling Drupal with PHP. The server is a Drupal runing with PHP-PM + React-PHP + some patching in Drupal + a PHP-PM DrupalKernel Adapter.

I'll explain how all the parts works together and demonstrate the speed gain with adb performance tests.
Jigar Mehta & Meyci Mazalto

Accessibility is an important feature of modern web development, like making sure your website is responsive and fast. Making your site more accessible is also going to improve the SEO value and usability of your site. If your website does not meet WCAG A standard, it's time to make some changes! The question is, where do I start? This talk will focus on practical and practical Drupal 8 theming and site building techniques to make your site more accessible.

We'll talk about:
* Prioritizing your accessibility checklist
* Low hanging fruit to make your site more accessible
* Modules and assessment tools

If you have a Drupal site or if you work on it - this presentation is useful for you.
Brad Muncs

Building Drupal websites is all nice and fun, but once the site or application is launched, too many companies just let their digital assets run on cruise control until the next major overhaul.

Symetris spends almost a third of its resources on maintaining and enhancing existing websites. During this talk, we'll share what we consider are best practices to make sure you get the most return on your initial investment in a Drupal platform.
Tolu Laleye

Backbone.js is a lightweight library that comes out of the box with Drupal 8. It gives structure to your web application by providing models, collections and views. We will be taking a look at these concepts to see how you can be used to simplify your javascript.

In this session, Tolu Laleye, Founder & Acquia Certified Drupal 8 Grand Master at IDEAMAṢN Inc will be building a simple Multi-step wizard and you are encouraged to build along with him. Code Samples & Free Swag will be provided at the end.
Renaud Joubert

In the wake of Drupageddon 2A and 2B this year, we thought it would be a good idea to highlight the importance of keeping your customers up to date. such as SA-CORE-2018-004 and SA-CORE-2018-002. In this presentation, we'll show how easy it can be to hack a vulnerable Drupal website, how to determine which site has been hacked.
Michael Schmid

Docker: Kalabox, DDev, Sperm Whale, Dinghy, DrupalVM, Docksal, and probably many more.

Whereas the same Docker Images locally, on development sites and on production.

Lagoon solves that. Lagoon allows developers to locally develop Docker and have the exact same Docker Images and Containers running in Production within Kubernetes. Lagoon knows how to run a Drupal site with Varnish, Nginx, PHP, MariaDB, Solr, Elasticsearch, Drush, Compass and Console on Kubernetes and will do everything for you.

Go to Git Repository to Lagoon and Lagoon will deploy it for you.

Lagoon is completely Open Source.

In this talk I will present:

How to Lagoon
How to Use How to Use Lagoon
How to Use Lagoon on Your Own
Where to Go?
Andrew Lindsay

Exploring agile backlog grooming strategies working with both aggression and smallish development teams working in cooperation with ambitious, imaginative and insatiable downright stakeholders.
Alex Urevick-Ackelsberg & Alex Dergachev

In this session, Alex will discuss his learnings from starting and running in the past ten years. And as a special DrupalCamp Montreal bonuses, you'll get two Alexs for the price of one, as Alex Dergachev will also join him in his 10 year journey with Evolving Web.

Some of the topics covered by Alex (x2) will be more of a hit with us, and we are lucky enough to make. We've made you so (hopefully) do not have to!

We will look at financials, employees & hrs, partners (in the biz and other businesses), & sales & marketing. We will discuss the challenges of growing and growing a small shop, and we will be exploring the world.
Suzanne Dergacheva

Drupal 8 now has content moderation in core! This means that just being 'published' or 'unpublished', we have the ability to create moderation workflows with different content states (like draft and archive). And we can customize the workflow for different content types and users.

In this session, we'll cover the functionality of the Content Moderation module, including:

* Creating content moderation dashboards
* Workflows for files and media
* Translation workflows
* Workspaces and Multiversion modules
* Giving editors access to different sections of your site
Adrian Cid Almaguer

Contributing projects to drupal.org is a simple way of providing you with a solution to your problem, there are many important things involved in the success of your project tail, the impact of the drupal core changes in your project and others If you want to start contributing projects to drupal.org and you do not know how to start, this session is for you.
Albert Albala

Unpack a computer. Install Docker. Download code. Run one script and get a login link. That's it, no database cloning, no configuration, no fiddling with settings.php. No Drupal knowledge required, no MAMP, no Vagrant, no drush make, no Ansible.

After identifying the single biggest bottleneck in my development process, I worked for several years.

Go on, try it: clone https://github.com/dcycle/starterkit-drupal8site/ , then run `. / Scripts / deploy.sh`. Wait a few minutes, and you should get a login link to fully working Drupal environment.

In addition to the advantage of super-fast on-ramping of new developers, this approach has a surprisingly fast time-saving advantages:

* ** A clean codebase **
* ** No database cloning required **
* ** Automatic security updates **
* ** Our workflow can apply to non-Drupal aspects of our project **
* ** Easy continuous integration **
* ** Improving your workflow is easy **
* ** Config management is amazing **

During this talk, we will discuss these advantages of a Docker-based local workflows, with tons of resources and ideas. Bring your computer with Docker installed, and you just need a Docker-based one-click local development environment.
Emmanuel Décarie

opuscules.ca is a multiplatform site promoting and disseminating Quebec literature. Opuscules is the second iteration of an application that used to be a native IOS and Android back-end backed by Services on Drupal 7. The mandate filled by Réseau Koumbit and the NT2 lab at UQAM was to convert this application in a SPA adapted to pc, tablet and phone. While NT2 was busy refining existing services for opuscules.ca, Réseau Koumbit was responsible for the Ember.js component, programming and integration. The presentation will be divided into 3 parts: Drupal 7 and Services (Robin Varenas, Sylvain Aubé, NT2), Ember.js and programming (Emmanuel Décarie, Koumbit Network), Ember.js and integration (Jaime MacLean, Koumbit Network).
Christian Hudon

You have a Drupal site and you do not know Drupalgeddon. Sorry! It may be too late!

It was a massive and dazzling attack that has contaminated thousands of websites over the last few weeks. And the level of organization to lead this attack is disturbing.

At Kiwad, we had 35 Drupal environments to upgrade, and we were also called in by other less specialized companies with Drupal. After only a few hours, we saw the first thugs appear.

The first part of this presentation will expose the nature of the fault and we will also present a panoply of elements to look at your environments to investigate a potential contamination.

In the second part of the presentation, we will present various techniques to facilitate your updates as well as methods to implement to improve the security of your sites and reduce risks.
Jon Pugh

DevShop is an open-source Drupal hosting platform that can be used for production, development and testing environments.

Powered by a Drupal web interface, simply enter your websites source code, get your branches, and start running Behat tests on every git push.

DevShop allows you to setup automated YAML files, or learning about Jenkins or Docker.

Easily launch new environments for every single request or every branch of your git repository.

Drupal site from scratch for automated Behat testing.

See http://getdevshop.com for more information.
Alex Dergachev

We will present a case study of our work of migrating press.princeton.edu to Drupal 8. We have created a migration study and published a report on the subject. thousands of static HTML pages that has accumulated over the years. We will describe the technical and business motives for the project, provide a technical overview of the Drupal migration, and the process challenges in dealing with this volume of content. Finally, we will describe the technical and performance challenges we face when setting up a nightly sync job under the constraints of the Pantheon hosting platform.
Matthieu Scarset

In this session, I will introduce a workflow template to increase your productivity on Drupal 7 and Drupal 8 projects.

We will see among other things:
1) How to start new projects very quickly with Composer and Lando + collaborate and work simultaneously
2) How to create automation scripts to improve builds and code quality (compliance with standards and good practices )
3) How to integrate this project template to your continuous integration process (eg Acquia Cloud, Pantheon, Platform.sh)

The purpose of this presentation is to explain how to standardize your Drupal projects with a collection of open source tools.

The result will benefit all types of developers and all team sizes.
Omar Bickell

Websites are the most important digital marketing investment companies make and digital agencies are doing the lion's share of this work. A number of best practices have emerged over time, which seek to facilitate the creation and maintenance of sites.

Pantheon gives away powerful features that can help you take advantage of some of these best practices.

In this session, we will take a close look at what we learned through 5 years. We will also help you find your way to help you grow your business.
Guilhem Hachet

Studies of different strategy of optimization of a site under Drupal with the bootstrap theme.
- Optimization of the weight of the CSS and JS (modules drupal to use, SASS, Identify the critical CSS, UNCSS) with final optimization results of bootstrap.css: -92%
- Strategy Webfont
- CSS critical inlining
- Strategy of optimization of images
- Pagespeed module for NGINX and Apache.
Jon Pugh

For more than 10 years, Aegir has been hosting Drupal using Drupal.

For 4.x, we have rewritten it from scratch: converting from Drush commands to a powerful standalone Symfony-based CLI, leveraging Robo, DrupalConsole, and taking inspiration from projects such as Drush 9, Composer, Terminus, Acquia BLT, and the PlatformSH CLI.

Come see how Provision 4.x can be used for everything from production to local development environments.

- Quickly launch Drupal and other websites from source code.
- Agnostic and pluggable service. Any web server support (Apache, Nginx, Docker, Kubernetes, php -s), any database server (MySQL, MariaDB, SQLite). Allow contributed services.
- Run Anywhere. PHP-CLI works on Mac, Linux, Local, Metal, or Cloud. (Windows support should be possible, especially since you can run ubuntu bash).
- Makes a great development environment and tool for automated testing and CI.
- Targeted to less technical users.

See https://github.com/provision4/provision and https://docs.provision4.org/ for more info.
Mathieu Hélie

Data has changed to a lot in Drupal 8, and a slew of new APIs and interfaces are now used to build and manipulate entities, most notably TypedData. But just how do they work?

In this presentation we will seek to understand how to work with data objects in Drupal 8, what the different APIs, plugins, and services do for us, and wrap it up by a custom module.

Drupal is a registered trademark of Dries Buytaert.