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Videos from DrupalCamp Pannonia 2018 in Serbia.

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Ryan Szrama talks about doing well and doing good at the same time in the Drupal community and open source in general.

He walked us through his life before founding Commerce Guys up to today.
Key points from his session are: How did I get here? How becoming a part of Drupal community changed his life, Founding Commerce Guys, Learning to help others and Lead with core values.

Learn more about his values and his journey by watching the whole video.

Commerce Guys (Bojan) one of the lead developers told us about some history of Drupal Commerce and about future they are headed.

The community is huge around this distribution, more than 1k people are on #Slack channel.

Akademika was one of the examples where Commerce serving more than 10 million products.

Another example was ZKungFu fast food chain, with over 1 billion dollars revenue each year, all the orders are going through Drupal Commerce.
We have also learned about, taxes, payment methods, coupons… and we saw a glimpse of “Layout Builder”.

Floris is known speaker to the Drupal Community and this November he spoke about challenges Drupal as a platform faces every day.

The key points from his perspective are better promotion of Drupal Initiative, how to automate marketing and about powerful Drupal integrations with 3rd party services.

The main goal is to bring young and new people to the Drupal ecosystem, how to learn to influence surrounding about Drupal.

Full presentation is here: https://040lab.com/pannonia/index.html

Vladimir gave us basic knowledge what is React and how it can be implemented in the decoupled Drupal 8.

Every attendee had a chance to get the ropes of this technology and how it can help in everyday work.

After the presentation we organized the React workshop, it was very effective in a cozy atmosphere.

In the first day of DrupalCamp Pannonia, we heard guys from Studio Present, Vladan, Goran and Atila, talking about Smart Academy - Decoupled Drupal 8 IoT Project.

Academy - system control is an all in one solution for hotels, student dorms, retail centers, smart buildings. and all kind of public, residential places with many rooms and residents.

With this system you can control:

Air Conditioners
Entrance/Access control
Sensors for door/windows
Presence sensors
Curtains controller
Gate control with a ramp
SOS button
and many more

The system is fully customizable and upgradable.

Have a look at the presentation we made for DrupalCamp Pannonia: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jLzp2y7G0xc

There are two main controlling units: Master control for security person or building manager and client unit with a tablet application in every room that needs to be controlled.

The application is built on top of React Native so it’s both for iOS and Android.
The whole system is developed in-house, from architecture, engineering, to hardware (controllers), UX, and application.


For the last session of the day Ruben Teijeiro from Youpal AB talked about how to create an Enterprise level editorial experience for Drupal 8 using React.

He starts with Decoupling followed by Page Builders that are mostly Drag-n-Drop based tools using examples from Elementor, Paragraph and others explaining why they should be used and how they help you manage content more efficiently.

If you are interested in making your content editing effortless and quick, then this presentation is for you.

Stefan Weber - 1xINTERNET - Decoupled Drupal Commerce with React Native

In this presentation, you will learn about React Native combined with decupled Drupal. How Stefan and his team made e-commerce subscription service for ordering meals “Eldum”.

He showed us the working demo of desktop and Android version.
It was about time to rebuild the whole system from D7 in D8 combined with React Native.
We had a sneak peek of an overview of backend solutions they made.

Full presentation here: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1SzQA5aTX9w4N2aMr_UYB2BNuBK40BlAQ0Kee5okq9O4/edit#slide=id.p

Valery Lourie from FFW Agency talked about application of machine learning algorithms to content management

Very popular theme these days. Valery told us about machine learning algorithms. His presentation is based on a Standford university course. Key points from the session are: What is machine learning, Supervised learning, Linear regression, Online learning.

One of the usages of this technique is an algorithm for determining whether some product deserve to be in the “Featured” product list on the homepage of an e-commerce site. Learn more about it by watching the video.

You can see full presentation here: https://valthebald.github.io/sessions/ml-palic/

Krijstijan Lukačin - Websolutions Agency • 4 Years of Agency Agilization

Pain process and steps every company must take when trying to practice an agile way of doing things.
Kristijan shared the experience with the agile coach they had, how the thing got better and sometimes worst.

Overall this was real life presentation how Kanban or Scrum are used in the production when you have one client, big project or when you have maintenance work to do.

The conclusion is that Agile is not perfect, you must learn, adapt, change, mix, and always to strive to be better as a whole team together.

You can see full presentation here: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1TzWj2ydQ1yYzJf4yX1iIwoBPnYmR9k0yeJB2ECAqNDI/edit

Mladen Đurić from Koder focused on local development on our machines.
He talked about Docker, Composer, Gulp and Drupal.

He went into great detail to explain how Docksal, an all-purpose web-development environment based on Docker and Docker Compose, can help you with easily creating fully containerized environments for your projects.

Another topic of his presentation was about Gulp, and how easy it is to produce something, whatever it is. The entirety of his presentation is covered in this video.

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