DrupalCon NA 2021 Focus: Decoupled Menus


Videos for DrupalCon NA 2021!

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Dev Bisht and Ishan Mahajan from Srijan showed us their EzContent distribution and its approach to decoupled menus.
Miro Michalicka showed different ways how to customize default JSON:API output and make the frontend developers happy.

Joao Garin explained some of the topics they are working on at Jobiqo and in specific with GraphQL version 4. Topics covered how they do menus, authentication, search api, forms and file uploads.
Stuart Clark (Deciphered) demonstrated how to use the DruxtJS Menu module to render and customize a decoupled menu.
Notes, slides, and examples are available at https://github.com/Decipher/druxt-menu-initiative

Wesley Klop talked about the work he did during his internship, which resulted in a way to bring Drupal and frontend tooling like Webpack closer together!
The project is available here: https://bitbucket.org/swisnl/d9-webpack/src/master/web/themes/webpack/
The slides are available here: https://swisinternetbureau-my.sharepoint.com/:p:/g/personal/wklop_swis_nl/EZu6y5VNjfZLmUh1OwbHekoBCSoRHuXjjJOmuphOfDMc1g
An early demo of Drupal's "decoupled menus" feature. For more details, see https://dri.es/state-of-drupal-presentation-december-2020

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