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In this session, Donna will dive into the intersectionality that exists within the disability community and ways to think about our content beyond technical accessibility. We’ll talk about social identities, impact, and ways to operationalize inclusion to build a better culture of belonging.

Donna Bungard
Sr Marketing Accessibility Program Manager Indeed
In this presentation, we will look at the potential of leveraging A.I. as a tool that enhances developers' creativity, streamlines the coding process, and unlock new possibilities. From analyzing code structures and proposing solutions, to inspiring developers to think creatively.

Michael Miles
Director of Web Development MIT Sloan
Funded as part of the Pitchburg Innovation Contest, The Drupal API Client project aims to assemble a group of contributors in order to combine the best of existing Drupal API clients into a set of utilities that can both address common use cases with little configuration, and also be extended to support the needs of a diverse JavaScript ecosystem.

Brian Perry
Staff Software Engineer Pantheon
With so many new features being added to CSS in the past couple years, is Sass still needed in 2023? Is it time to remove Sass from your build process? What can native CSS and PostCSS do that can replace Sass functionality and how is PostCSS being used in Drupal 10?

Aubrey Sambor
Lead Engineer Lullabot
t seems like everyone is talking about composable these days, but what is it? Like any new technology trend, there is a lot of noise that surrounds composable. What we need is a way to cut through the noise and understand composable to decide for ourselves if we can benefit from it.

Chris Greatens
SVP, Open Platforms Bounteous
This presentation is designed to teach you about the Drupal Recipe initiative, but more specifically: how to use one or more recipes to add features to one or more Drupal sites.

Eric Volkernick
Drupal Engineer (Contractor)
A modern Drupal development environment enables the developer to work at peak efficiency to create sustainable code that meets modern coding standards and is bug-free (hopefully!) By leveraging a modern IDE like Visual Studio Code, along with a recommended set of extensions and configuring, one can put themselves in a position to succeed.

Michael Anello
Developer/trainer DrupalEasy
This session introduces approaches that will help you make confident decisions about website navigation.

Dan Zollman
Independent IA & UX Consultant Dialogue for Design, LLC
This presentation aims to introduce people to the concept of using as the blueprint for an API-first, standardized, and SEO-friendly website and walk through how to implement for your organization. This presentation will be a mini training session on setting up the Blueprints module, implementing a type, and building complete solution using starter kits.

Jacob Rockowitz
Drupal Developer The Big Blue House
When a closely knit and well experienced government team build their first Drupal site and then launch it on their own hosting, they run into unforeseen yet surmountable obstacles.

Ivan Stegic
For over a decade, Drupal has relied on the Role Based Access Control (RBAC) to manage access. Though very powerful, it also has its limitations. For example, it can be difficult to scale, and it’s not uncommon for large projects to experience “role explosion.”

Joshua Bolduc
Senior Web Architect Pegasystems
While Harvard Medical School is a leader in medical education and basic science research, it is a vast decentralized organization, with dozens of departments and offices.

Tony Savorelli
Web Development Manager Harvard Medical School
As a site builder, view modes are the preferred method of changing the display of content. Whether it be teasers, heros, eyebrows, full content... the list goes on and on.

Phil Frilling
Lead Back-end Engineer Oomph, Inc

Jordan Caldwell
Lead UX Engineer Oomph Inc
In the world of tech, we often find ourselves tangled in a web of bugs, blockers, and 404 errors—but what if the biggest blocker is sitting right in your chair? Yep, we're talking about you.

Nichole Addeo
Managing Director Mythic Digital
Managing dates and times is often complex: recurring events, timezones, daylight savings times, regional formatting conventions, and more.

Martin Anderson-Clutz
Senior Solutions Engineer Acquia
Twig was introduced into Drupal core over 10 years ago. Since then, improvements to Drupal’s front-end API have been minimal.

Kyle Einecker
Sr. Technical Architect Perficient
Keynote: If everything is a priority, nothing is a priority. Must haves for your Web Governance strategy
The Inner Work of Being a Public Good
Drupal 8 introduced the wonderful ability to perform configuration syncing with YAML files and we continue to use them extensively into Drupal 10. Come to this 45 min session to learn about Config Sync whys, howtos, and workflows.

Ethan Aho
Developer CommonPlaces
Embarking on the redesign of large content websites and portals can be a daunting task.

Chris Amato
Director of Web Development Knectar
40% of developers use Linux for professional and personal computing. "Choice" in selecting the operating system components is one of the reasons Linux is popular with developers.

Stephen Cross
Talking Drupal
Objective: Offer tasks that people can immediately apply to their websites either during or after the session. The session will include exercises, tools, and resources.

Brigitte Ayerves Valderas
Web Developer B.Y. Communications Worldwide

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