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Mark Ferree
When you think about contributing to Drupal your first thought is usually of patching bugs and writing new features.

If you are not a developer, don't worry! There is a huge opportunity to increase your understanding of Drupal, shape the future of the software you work with, and help out the Drupal project along the way.

Learning Drupal can be a difficult and frustrating process. Getting involved in the community is the fastest and most fun way to climb the learning cliff and learn to love using Drupal!

I will describe how your efforts in the following areas can help maintain a healthy ecosystem and promote growth in the project:

Project Management
If you are already a non-code contributor, please bring your own stories to share!

About the Presenter

Almost five years ago, Mark Ferree was a front-end developer thrown into the world of Drupal. After struggling for several years to find effective ways to contribute, he has developed into an active and passionate contributor. He works for ISL Consulting in San Francisco doing custom Drupal development. In addition to his other work with Drupal, Mark helps organize the monthly SFDUG Users Helping Users session.

Intended audience
New users wanting to get more involved in the Drupal community. Long-time Drupal users trying to find an effective way to contribute.

Questions answered by this session
What are the benefits of donating my time to Drupal?

What is this Drupal community all about?

How do I get involved?

Where are the easiest places to get started helping?

What kind of community effort is needed to keep this project growing?

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