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George DeMet
Finding the best way to approach Drupal site development can be a daunting task. Not only do projects vary widely in size, scope, and team composition, but there are also several different development process models to choose from. And with the size of Drupal projects growing larger every day, the cost of failure has never been higher.

In this session, we'll look at the lifecycle of a Drupal development project through the lens of Hollywood storytelling. We'll examine how the narrative structure of various films compares to different process models for Drupal site development. And along the way, we'll talk about some best practices for delivering successful projects that are on time, on budget, and meet customer expectations.

In addition to a comparison of the Drupal site development process to the three-act Hollywood screenplay structure, we'll also examine how other narrative structures like non-submersible units and the Hero's Journey relate to iterative development of Drupal platforms and helping customers achieve their goals.

Not only will you come away with a better understanding of how to approach your next Drupal project, but you'll also gain a greater appreciation for the life lessons taught by some of your favorite Hollywood films.

Intended audience
This non-technical session is targeted at those looking to learn about different approaches to the process of developing Drupal sites. It's great for freelancers and developers/principals at smaller Drupal development shops, as well as those who are considering Drupal for use within their company or organization and don't know where to start the process. It's also useful for those who might be collaborating with someone else on a Drupal project. And of course, it's a must-see for anyone who enjoys storytelling and the movies!

Questions answered by this session
Why is having structure and process important to the success of a Drupal development project?

What are some best practices for delivering Drupal projects on time and budget that meet customer expectations?

How can I successfully incorporate agile processes into Drupal projects?

What are the elements of a successful Drupal platform?

How can I apply lessons from some of my favorite movies to my Drupal development project?

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