Presented by
Chris Pliakas
Drupal is a flexible, feature rich web application platform that many thriving companies leverage as their cornerstone technology. Why, then, do some companies fail horribly when adopting Drupal? Are you having trouble meeting deadlines? Are your developers pounding their keyboards claiming that Drupal is garbage? Are your project managers running for the hills? If so, this session will identify common barriers that companies experience when first adopting Drupal and provide solutions on how to overcome them.

As a member of Acquia's Professional Services team, I have taught at Princeton, worked on Wall Street, and helped to secure our homeland. Having seen a wide range of Drupal projects has given me a unique perspective on why certain projects fail. There are common patterns, both technical and not, that contribute to the success of a project. By discussing the pitfalls and solutions that other companies experience, this session will help kick-start your organization towards Drupal success.

Intended audience
This presentation is intended for business owners, project managers, technical leads / architects, and sales managers. There will be little technical discussion other than high level concepts, as most of the reasons why Drupal projects fail have little to do with the low level technology.

Questions answered by this session
Why are my Drupal projects failing when so many other organizations are having success?

What are the common barriers that other companies are experiencing?

How have other organizations broken through those barriers?

How can I set my project up for success?

What can I do to set my development / design up for success with Drupal?

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