DrupalCon Denver 2012: THE ACLU & DRUPAL

This presentation will focus on how the national ACLU has uses Drupal for the main ACLU.org site, and how it's been a benefit to our organization. In summary: * Our initial CMS selection process, focusing on: ** Constraints in our old system ** Organizational drivers (multiple editors, content showing up across multiple channels) ** Privacy concerns * Why we like Drupal: ** Flexibility (lots of small and large changes since we've launched, including reconfiguration and new content types-- mostly that we have the flexibility to keep growing/changing within ** Drupal, rather than needing to keep upgrading to new systems; integration of advocacy actions site-wide; Springboard) ** Open-source (we can customize to suit our specific needs, like project/issue hierarchy -- and we can do some edits in-house, which would never be an option in proprietary systems) ** Community support and contributions (we can coordinate with other non-profits, like EFF, on what we've done and what works for them; our privacy changes and others are back in the community) * Future plans: ** Blog redesign ** Drupal 7 upgrade ** More robust action/donation integration site-wide.

Questions answered by this session:
What benefits can a Drupal site bring to a large non-profit organization?
What are some of the specific ways the ACLU has leveraged Drupal's flexibility in its implementation?

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