DrupalCon Denver 2012: DELIVERING DRUPAL

Brutal truth: as a community, Drupal's understanding is pathetically behind much of the world when it comes to devops and deployment. Most shops, and even many larger companies with dedicated Drupal teams, use one-off, unstructured, error-prone systems to get code from development to production. This is not OK. In my experience, these problems are cast under the umbrella of project management. As such, solutions tend to come in two forms:
Better project tracking software.
Better human communication.
Those things are important, but they really miss the big picture. At the end of the day, what matters is getting code from development to production - "delivering" it. Doing that properly means demystifying and solidifying the steps in that process, which entails tools like Git, Jenkins, Puppet/Chef, and Capistrano. Or, in a word: Devops. Building a system that can deliver code in a way that informs and includes all the relevant stakeholders, from developers to product owners, requires the right tools linked with the right mentality. In this session, we'll explore tools and mentality together.

Questions answered by this session:
How do we make deployments easier and less risky?
How should I use (Git, Jenkins, build/make systems, configuration management) to make my organization's development workflow more effective?
What are the benefits of automated testing to Drupal sites we work on, and how can we effectively integrate it into our development workflow?

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