DrupalCon Denver 2012: EFF + DRUPAL + CIVICRM = GREAT

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) is the leading non-profit working to defend civil liberties in the realm of the internet and the digital world. This is a story about how the EFF was an early adopter of Drupal, tragically became encumbered with an aging Drupal5 site, and eventually triumphed with a migration and re-launch of their website in Drupal7. Also, there is a B Plot: The move from the proprietary advocacy/CRM service known as Convio into a Drupal-powered CiviCRM donation and CRM system. Presenters: Elly Jonez of Chapter Three and Micah Lee, EFF's Web Developer.

Questions answered by this session:
What are some challenges that sites still on Drupal 5 face, and what are some techniques for upgrading to Drupal7?
How can Drupal configurations, Apache configurations, and other tools enhance user privacy on a Drupal site?
How difficult is it to move from a proprietary 3rd party CRM such as Convio to a Drupal / open source solution such as CiviCRM?
What are some unique issues that non-profits face when it comes to upgrading and maintaining a Drupal site?

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