As anyone who designed, created, or managed a developer community knows, the process can be fraught with landmines, including issues with migrating existing social content to a new platform, integrating with disparate systems, and customizing the brand experience. In this panel discussion, we'll hear firsthand from eBay, LinkedIn, and Intel -- all of whom moved their community sites to Drupal, after initially building them on proprietary or DIY technologies -- on each company's unique experience and lessons they learned. Since, altogether, the developer communities for these companies account more than 1.5 Million developers worldwide, the impact of overhauling these communities was huge. The panelists will also discuss what other tools they were using prior to Drupal, why they decided to move to a new platform, and what they learned in the process. Panel speakers: Jeremy Johnston, Developer on developer.linkedin.com, LinkedIn Amy Piazza, Product Development for X.com / eBay Michael Shraver, Intel Web Administrator, Open Source Technology Center, Intel

Questions answered by this session:
Why did these companies choose to move to Drupal when they already had an existing community website?
What metrics or evaluation methods did they employ before ultimately selecting Drupal?
How did they approach the migration process to Drupal?
What results have they seen, and did these results meet expectations?
If they had to do it all over again, what would they do differently?

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