Publishers are expected to deliver content faster than ever. Editors need fast and easy content management. Content needs to be delivered fast without seconds of cache delay. And the social web creates traffic spikes bigger than ever. This imposes some real challenges for site builders trying to build performing, scalable and maintainable platforms. In the first quarter of 2012, Al Jazeera will re-launch their high-traffic blogs on Drupal. This session will target site builders and dive deep into three particular problems that we faced building this site on Drupal 7:
Setting up an editorial workflow that meet requirements of today's publishers
Building a platform that performs and scales during big traffic spikes and without seconds of cache delay
How to make such a specific and complex platform maintainable
You will see how we chose to solve those problems by setting up a fast and secure workflow with Deploy and Workbench and how to build a maintainable platform on Panels and Entity List that performs and scales in all circumstances.

Dick Olsson (aka. dixon_) is the Drupal Lead Developer at Al Jazeera, currently on a leave of absence from his position at NodeOne. He's also an active Drupal core contributor, maintainer of Deploy, Entity List and several other projects on d.o. Dick is one of the architects behind NodeStream, a Drupal distribution for publishers.

Questions answered by this session:
What are some of the critical requirements of today's publishing companies?
How to build an editorial workflow that meets those requirements?
How to build a platform that scales for those requirements?
How to keep a specific and complex platform maintainable?
How does advanced configuration of modules like Deploy, Workbench and Panels solve all this?

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