You've read the articles, studied the books and experimented on your own with responsive web design. The first thing you do when visiting a newly-launched site is to resize your browser and smile with delight if the content responds to the size of the canvas. But have you considered what a responsive web means for your entire project process? We'll go beyond the ems, percentages and media queries by sharing how responsive design has affected how we approach and practice analysis, content, wireframes, design, testing and site delivery from a more holistic point of view.

Questions answered by this session:
What are some practical ways I can adapt my process when designing responsively?
How does responsive design affect the deliverables I produce and show to clients?
How does partnering with an outside firm affect how we deliver responsive designs to clients?
How do I test effectively for the dozens of different screen resolutions?
How can we structure the site and guide the client so they don't break the layout when adding content post-launch?

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