Docker in a Flash: Introduction to Drupal Development with Docker

Will Jackson
Parent Track:
Development & Performance
This rapid-fire introductory session to Docker was crafted to provide insight on how the container-based model can optimize Drupal development and complement traditional development practices.

Docker images and Dockerfiles makes collaborating on projects a breeze, as Docker images and Dockerfiles will drastically reduce the amount of time required to create a working development environment for your Drupal based projects.

Whether you use Dockerfiles, Docker Compose, or create your own image, Docker makes setting up your perfect local development a breeze. Attendees are encouraged to have a firm grasp of development workflows, the command line, and a basic understanding of general system administration tasks.

This session will be a non-stop dive into Docker and its capabilities to vastly improve the lives of Drupal developers everywhere.

Attendees Will Leave With

A basic understanding of Docker and how it can expedite the creation of Drupal development environments.
How to implement a Docker based solution that best fits their needs.
Where to go for community resources for Drupal Development with Docker

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