Drupal 8 Real Talk

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Project Management and Consulting
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Following a rebranding initiative, the Rainforest Alliance web design team collaborated with Last Call Media to build the next version of www.rainforest-alliance.org in Drupal 8. This talk is our story and covers how agile software development methodologies were used to meet the requirements of the project with Drupal 8.

You've probably seen their little frog on coffee cups and packaging all over. Rainforest Alliance is an international force bringing real change to the world on a daily basis. As arguably the most impressive Drupal 8 site to date, launched within a year of D8's initial release, this is a timely and highly relevant topic.

Using this real-world Drupal 8 example, we will discuss Agile/Scrum techniques used to optimize the thinking necessary for getting a large, complex, Drupal 8 project across the finish line. Topics and problem areas will be discussed in a story-telling format and will be of benefit and interest to attendees of any expertise.

The written version of this talk can be found here: https://lastcallmedia.com/rainforest-alliance-d8-agile

Kelly Albrecht is a Certified ScrumMaster, Senior Producer, and Product Owner at Last Call Media.