Future-proof your Dev Process with Emerging Trends

Parent Track:
Development & Performance
It’s an exciting (and scary) time to be a developer, shop owner or tech director. New hyper focused services like Auth0 are removing old challenges and freeing up dev cycles. Docker is allowing us to both spin up hyper complex and bespoke infrastructure both in production and on our own local dev machines with ease. CI and CD are allowing us to build out source into easily deployable and automatable artifacts. Drupal is now being augmented by things like Node, Angular and React. But when, where, how and should i adopt any of these things into my development flow?

In this session we will give you a crash course on emerging development trends that are likely to stick so you can get a head start on optimizing your development flows for the future. Specifically we will look at:

Hyper specialized services like Auth0
Local development trends with Docker and Kalabox
Composer based build and deployment processes in the land of CI
How things like Node/Angular/React factor into my build
Second generation PaaS like platform.sh
The attendee should leave with a broad sense of what tech is on the horizon.


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