Selling healthcare insurance plans with Drupal

Christian Crawford
Jitesh Doshi
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Site Building
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In this session we will show how we built a healthcare portal for one of Florida's largest insurers for healthcare using Drupal. This presentation will cover site-building, contrib modules and custom modules, theming, integrations, data import, security and optimization. One of the biggest components of this site is the integration with multiple enterprise services, ranging from rating engines to the ACA healthcare exchange. We will discuss the challenges encountered as well as the solutions implemented. Lastly, we will discuss how JavaScript frameworks (AngularJS & ReactJS) evaluated with Drupal to enhance usability and performance of the application.


Site features (plan selection, checkout, dual DB schema, shopping cart)
Packaging and Deployment
Data integration: migrate v/s feeds
Internal and external integration with enterprise services (rating engine, physician directory,, cart checkout, google analytics, salesforce)
Challenges in implementing a healthcare site - Security & HIPAA
UI development: AngularJS v/s ReactJS