Do It For Yourself: How to Make It As A Solo Drupal Shop

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Project Management and Consulting
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On the Florida Drupal scene since 2010, Hot Sauce Design & Development (that's me!) has managed to survive the crazy, stressful, fun world of being a solo Drupal shop. In this session, I will discuss my own experience with running a strictly Drupal web development shop succssfully for over 7 years.

I will discuss topics like:

How to get things going on your own
What to charge
What clients to strive for (or not)
Working with other independent shops
How to find the resources you need for that one big project
And how not to lose your mind and maybe make enough to keep the lights on.

Though results are obviously not guaranteed, this session is geared towards those looking to go fly solo, those who already are, and those who want to ridicule people nuts enough to be "self-employed". Lots of time at the end for Q&A as well!