3D Chess: Resource Allocation and Project Management With Partial Resources

Chris Rooney
Joseph Purcell

Resource allocation and project management in an agency environment is hard, and is one of the critical things you have to "get right" to run have a successful business. To make this process manageable, agencies have typically sold their services to clients in increments of no smaller than 40 hrs (the typical work week).

But what if your agency decides to break this model, and sell time to clients in smaller increments that are more closely aligned to the actual tasks at hand?

Well, of your supply / input still comes in increments of 40 hrs, but you then sell this resource in smaller increments, what you have is a situation where you need to commit to several different clients / tasks to effectively utilize the unit of supply you are dealling with.

Which adds a whole new dimension of difficulty to your resource allocation and project management challenge.

This talk will review one agency's answer to the "partial resource allocation" problem, and review the advantages and disadvantages of this approach.


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