The Great Adventure of Open Source Contribution

Emma Karayiannis

This session will help you navigate the great adventure of Open Source contribution.

Successful adventurers need to be prepared. How should you plan for your contribution adventure and what do you need to bring with you.

Learn about the hardships and challenges you will face along the way and how to avoid or overcome them.

You will be introduced to your adventure companions. Hear why you should never adventure alone and how companions can help you every step of the way.

Once you reach your first goal of no longer feeling like a beginner, you will be very eager to keep going. Which direction should you take next? There are many possible paths in front of you. Hear the opportunities available and how joining a project or a team will help you settle into the next stage of your adventure.

As the adventure advances Open Source contribution will become an ever increasing feature in your life. You start to take on more work, assume roles and responsibilities, and put more time aside for contribution. How do you manage all of this plus stay happy and healthy? We will end the session on how you can long continue with your adventure and look after yourself and others.

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