Support client onboarding: Eloquently embracing a mess

Madison Major

Nobody likes a mess, so why embrace someone else's? Providing quality long term support has become a necessary evil needed by clients in our industry. Recurring support is becoming a major source of revenue keeping organizations in our community stable and afloat. When your organization designed, architected and developed the project, providing support is easy... but how do you engage potential clients whose current site doesn't adhere to best pracitces and was built by one of those "other firms"? This presentation is geared towards experienced project and account managers and outlines our organization's best practices and guidelines for:

1. Understanding a potential client's support need prior to gaining access

2. Structuring the technical and non technical ins and outs of a site audit

3. Sizing and selling a monthly support retainer

4. How to make your client, and their online presenece, look AND perform as desired

5. Tips for how YOU can support the support team when introducing another snowflake to the mix

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