Talking Twig

Charley Pugmire

Drupal 8's Twig templating engine gives front-end developers and themers a powerful new tool for manipulating Drupal markup. But following Drupal's "Working with Twig Templates" guide to a T is likely to create a bloated theme codebase that is difficult to maintain. Instead, with a few small tweaks, we can take advantage of some of Twig's most powerful features to create a more concise and more semantic templating solution. This means more control over your CSS class names, markup that communicates a clear hierarchy, and an easily readable codebase(!!!).

We’ll steer away from regurgitating documentation and focus on strategies to help simplify the theming process. By the end of the presentation, you’ll see how it’s possible to create a custom field template with custom CSS classes and custom markup without typing a single line of HTML. We’ll also cover some additional tools that make Twig even easier to work with.

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