Whitewashed - Drupal's Diversity Problem And How To Solve It

Chris Rooney

We've all seen them. The Drupalcon / Camp photos featuring a sea of smiling white faces punctuated by an occaisional speck of color. The agency "team" pages displaying a grid of white male and female headshots, each offering a witty saying or interesting hobby, but with the leadership team invariably consisting of 2-3 white males.

The Drupal community has a diversity problem. And its not just the Drupal community, its the digital marketing space overall.

The digital agency space is completely whitewashed.

How did such a new and wide-open industry, built on the premise of technology as a great equalizer, allow this to happen? How can a group of people as open and affirming as the Drupal community still be so homogenous?

This session will explore the contributing factors to the diversity challenges faced by the Drupal community, and how those of us in the community who care about diversity can let our actions speak louder than words by actually affecting change in our agencies.

Creating safe spaces is not enough. Building diversity requires bold, often uncomfortable, action. Lets talk about how!

This session is appropriate for anyone working in a digital agency that is interested in fostering diversity.


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