Drupal 8 Caching: A Developer’s Guide

Peter Sawczynec

Maximize the advantages of caching and ensure your Drupal 8 websites are performant. Get the technical information you need to handle caching in Drupal 8 now.

Caching is arguably one of the most important aspects of developing a high-performance, enterprise Drupal 8 website.

In this fast-paced, information-filled session you’ll quickly get solid details on caching, why it is important, what it does and how to employ it, including:

Caching Concepts
Caching Basics
Drupal performance settings
Drupal caching modules
D8 caching primer
Varnish .vcl
HTTP Cache headers
Surrogate Keys
Cookies and Caching
Caching API call results
Browser and Proxy caching
Other technologies to use in tandem with caching: CDN, AJAX, ESI, Cron
When this presentation is complete the developer will have the knowledge to handle caching for Drupal 8.

Aimed at busy, intermediate and advanced Drupal developers, this session offers developer-centric, real-world caching information and techniques for Drupal 8 with tips and information you can put to immediate use and boost your website performance.


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