Drupal Commerce: the challenges of building rental stores

Renaud Joubert

If I say e-Commerce what's the first thing you're thinking of ? Probably a website where you can buy products of some sort. Websites where you can rent, say, a tool, a car or a room are special use cases that account for a small percentage of the e-commerce landscape. If you think about it for a minute, you'll also realize that the worflow is very different. Generally speaking, when one buys something it's for ever (one lane, one way). But when one rents it's for a limited time and when this time expires, the object needs to be returned; and until it is returned it cannot be rented out to someone else (multi-lane, two ways). Building a standard end-to-end e-commerce website is hard. As you can probably imagine, building an end-to-end rental store is beyond challenging. In this session, we'll look at those challenges in more details and see what's possible with Drupal contrib modules.

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