Effective D8 Configuration Management with Git and Drush

Blanca Esqueda

One of the key features of Drupal 8 is its flexibility to manage configuration through code. This opens the door for many options when it comes down to configuration management. But before everyone just jumps in making changes, it is good to think about different scenarios, in particular with multiple collaborators in the same project. In this talk I will present a workflow that leverages version control (git) to support code based configuration managementong multiple developers and environments, while keeping changes clean and things working in order. I make a comparison of Features and Configuration approaches giving useful tips and troubleshooting advice.


Features vs Configuration -- Advantages and when to use each one correctly.
D8 Configuration setup/settings -- Overview, considerations, and troubleshooting Advice.
D8 Configuration and Version Controller -- How to work in a distributed team with no risks of overlapping during development, and keep track of changes.
D8 Configuration Terminal vs UI -- Import/Export Differences.

Prerequisites: Familiarity with Git and Drush.

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