Life 2.0: Software as a Second Career

Novella Chiechi

In this discussion-style session, we will explore the challenges, resources, and advantages/disadvantages to taking up software as a second career.

Have you gone into software as a second career? Are you thinking about it? Do you want to support a friend, an employee, or a colleague? If yes, then this session is for you. After this session you will have a better understanding of others’ experiences, as well as a better idea of how to support yourself and others in the quest.

We will ask three main questions:

What challenges will we face?
What advantages do we have?
What resources are available?

This session will be appropriate for those at any technical or business level. We won’t do any coding, though we will discuss different technologies in a general sense. Instead we will share our past experiences (good and bad), discuss possible challenges we may face, highlight the advantages we may have, and arm ourselves with resources to get to work (and enjoy it!).

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