Multisites and Platforms and Governance - Oh My!

Delivering Sites at Scale: Platform Approaches in Government

Government organizations are no stranger to challenges when implementing multisite and platform Drupal solutions. This can be due to competing priorities across the enterprise, a limited pool of resources to support those priorities, and lack of a clear plan for the enterprise. How can you get ahead of these issues? Use a governance-based approach! Governance is a decision-making framework which defines the people, processes, and technologies used to support a Digital Marketing Organization. It is most needed when organizations are distributed and have competing priorities.

In our session learn how governance can be used to successfully plan, deliver, and maintain Drupal 8 platform projects in government organizations and other large enterprises. We'll touch on strategy, establishing business and technical policies, and technical architecture.

This session will be presented jointly by Adam Organ and Lindsey Catlett

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