Building websites for all: Web Accessibility and Inclusive Design

Claudio Luis Vera

At least 19% of the overall population in the US has some sort of a disability. And yet, we in the Drupal community could do much better when it comes to serving the needs of those individuals.

It’s not easy for fully-abled designers and developers to feel empathy for the disabled. This talk will address that empathy gap by taking a close look at the obstacles disabled users encounter and the assistive technologies meant to overcome them. You'll experience how users with disabilities like low vision and blindness interact with websites. You’ll gain a real-world understanding of where most organizations and site builders go wrong, and how it can be fixed.

The past two years have brought a flood of lawsuits which have changed accessibility from a nice-to-have feature to a fundamental requirement for most websites and apps. We'll cover a couple of these landmark cases and learn how to keep your clients out of court and avoid common accessibility mistakes.

For those looking to bring accessibility into their own practice, this session will share tools and techniques along with resources and training opportunities for building and designing for web accessibility.

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