Enhancing the Editorial Experience

Kevin Basarab

Normally in a web development agency, your focus is on the front end, consumer-facing side of a website. Yes, we talk about the administration but mostly defer to "it is what it is" and "that's just how Drupal works." With the rise in popularity of decoupled infrastructures, more clients are shifting their focus on improving the Drupal Administration UX.

From a business perspective an editor often has more say in the support and success of your CMS then the end user browsing the site so the editor persona should be considered throughout the development process. In this session, we'll dive into how ways of improving hte editorial experience with contrib modules, architectural choices and some custom code additions.

What to expect:

How is design/UX reversing to focus on the editorial experience?
What contrib modules currently enhance the editorial experience?
How can a better editorial experience be beneficial to your client?
Where is the future of editorial experiences and Drupal heading?


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