Implementing an Enterprise Design System the Red Hat Way

Derek Reese

Design systems are a powerful tool in any company’s arsenal. They provide consistency, support brand recognition, and streamline the design process itself. There are many benefits, but implementing systems across a large product portfolio can be cumbersome for the most nimble of teams.

"Red Hat’s Front End team has built a multi-use toolkit for implementing a design system within Drupal..."

Come and learn how one of Red Hat’s Front End teams has built a multi-use toolkit for implementing design systems within Drupal, including PatternFly, Red Hat’s open-source design system based on Bootstrap. See how products from OpenShift, to interactive Drupal partner toolkits, and even’s Drupal marketing site all utilize parts of the same-style implementations - ensuring each adheres to Red Hat’s corporate branding and design standard.

You will leave the room with a clear understanding of massive-scale design systems implementation and a Drupal-compatible toolkit to take your design systems to the next level.

Topics covered:

Design Systems, Philosophy, and Frameworks
Atomic Design
SASS + Twig / Nunjucks + JSON Schema Pattern stack
UI Patterns Drupal Module
PatternKit Drupal Module

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