Reporting in Drupal Commerce

Matt Glaman

Reporting is essential to e-commerce. Store owners want to know what products are selling, if a marketing campaign is turning into a realized investment, how much sales tax to remit, and more. However, reporting is not without its challenges related to creating certain types of reports and working with the data.

For Drupal Commerce, there is the Commerce Reports module, which uses raw data in your site’s database to present information and statistics. Commerce Reports provides out of the box reports that are directly integrated into your site.

Additionally, you can use the Commerce Google Analytics module to push data and order information into Google Analytics. This allows you to put a revenue value on sessions and create other reports within Google Analytics using this data.

Finally, Commerce Guys has created a new sales dashboard and analytics tool for Drupal Commerce users called Lean Commerce Reports. It provides denormalized storage in a highly available, easily scalable third party database. The dashboard it provides visualize sales and conversion data and link to reports that can further influence your marketing decisions. Whereas Commerce Reports exposes you to direct statistics without insight and Google Analytics allows you to derive limited insights with special knowledge about how to build those reports, Lean Commerce Reports is a tightly integrated SaaS solution that bridges the gap between the two with a plug and play sales dashboard.

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