Top Drupal 8 Modules: A scenic tour through the best of Drupal in 2018

Jay Callicott

If you have ever googled to find “top drupal modules” you probably have read Mediacurrent’s popular, long-running blog series on the top modules for Drupal. Blog author Jay Callicott, a 12-year veteran of Drupal, has a passion for talking open source and Drupal.

In this session, we take a leisurely stroll through the best modules that Drupal 8 has to offer as Jay presents an updated list of his top picks. Like a guided tour of the Italian countryside, you can sit back and enjoy as your guide discusses the benefits of each module. By the end of this session, you will have been introduced to at least a few modules that will challenge the boundaries of your next project.


Updated list of best Drupal 8 modules in 2018
Notable mentions
A brief walk-through for each module recommendation
About Our Presenter

Jay Callicott is currently the VP of Technical Operations for Mediacurrent and has 9 years of experience delivering enterprise solutions for Mediacurrent.

Jay is also an avid supporter and contributor to Drupal open source projects. Jay writes blogs on Drupal and has spoken at several Drupal events including “Multilingual in Drupal 8” at Drupalcon, Baltimore last year and “Meeting Marketing Challenges with Automation and Drupal” at Drupalcon, Austin.

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