Drupal to Drupal Migrations, Deconstructed

Lisa Ridley

So you've lovingly maintained and curated your Drupal site, carefully crafting content types for different types of content, setting up taxonomy vocabularies, updating content, enrolling users, building views...all the drupally things you do when you have a content driven web application. But now, you want to update your site to the latest version of Drupal.

But you have all this content! And tons of images! And twelve different content types...and 10,000 users with 6 different roles...and...and...

Stop! Breathe...

Drupal 8 has some built in components that significantly reduce the effort it takes to migrate vocabularies, content types, roles, users, taxonomy terms, and yes...content (including files and images).

In this session we'll take a look at the different components of Drupal 8 that take care of some of the heavy lifting when it comes to moving your carefully, lovingly curated Drupal site to Drupal 8. We'll discuss some of the "gotchas" to be aware of, and some tips on making your move to Drupal 8 a reality.


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