Texas Camp 2018 | My team is new to Drupal, what should I know? A BoK on Drupal development

When facing a new Drupal project, some teams may not know the right Drupal development concepts, workflows, and best practices to be successful. Without this foundational knowledge, it can be difficult to establish sound development processes - manifesting in future surprises and obstacles. Drawing from first-hand experience in the field, I’ll provide a BOK (Body of Knowledge) to help guide development efforts and provide a basic guide of concepts. This talk will not dive into specific details. Instead, we’ll list and briefly explain what each is and why they are important. The goal is to summarize the knowledge that will be present in most Drupal projects, to understand the way the Drupal project moves, the best practices and guide the development efforts for new teams as they give shape not only to their Drupal project but also to their development, design and project management interpretation. To streamline your next Drupal project, you’ll learn about: Code management Design guiding principles Project management Project functionality design And some other topics. This is a beginner talk for those who are starting their journey on a Drupal project and want to make sure they plan for the future and growth of their project; you will walk out of here with an idea of all the best practices the Drupal community and other projects are using to ensure they are successful.

Carlos Ospina
Drupalist since 2012 and working for Acquia as a Technical Account Manager since 2015.


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