Texas Camp 2018 | Opening the Black Box: Becoming a Better Developer Through Debugging

Trying to tame a modern, fully-featured web application like Drupal can be an exercise in frustration. Whether you've been using a piece of software for years or you were just handed the codebase, many of the same problems can confound you.

Why are you seeing that piece of content there?
Why am I seeing a negative integer instead of a string from this function?
What does this PDOException in my Watchdog log even mean?
In my career I've come to realize that the key to being a better developer is not having more tools in my toolbox, but in really knowing those tools - knowing not only when but how to deploy them to best solve the problem in front of me.

Dustin Younse
Dustin, a former 4th grade LOGO Programming champion, discovered View Source in 1997, and has been making websites ever since. He has a long time obsession with making computer interfaces more human friendly, rather than expecting humans to become more computer friendly.

Rob Ristroph
Rob is a veteran Drupal developer currently working as a Technical Architect at Acquia.


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