Texas Camp 2018 | Building APIs with gRPC, protocol buffers, and PHP

gRPC is Google's (open source) answer to Remote Procedure Calls, and it is gaining popularity and momentum for building APIs and microservices, because, well, it's easy! With a combination of protocol buffers, gRPC, and your language of choice (in this case PHP!), we can build APIs and microservices in minutes. No, really. Let me show you by building an API together. This talk will cover: What is GRPC? How is GRPC different from REST? What are the advantages of using GRPC over other options? How do I incorporate a GRPC microservice into a codebase? What are some common “gotchas” working with GRPC?

Cecy Correa
Cecy Correa is a Software Engineer at Return Path / Context.IO, where she builds and supports APIs on PHP and Golang. She spent half a decade teaching women how to code for Girl Develop It and is passionate about knowledge sharing and open source. You can find her on Twitter at @cecycorrea, and watch more of her talks at cecycorrea.com/talks.


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