Texas Camp 2018 | Government Issue(s): Leveraging Accessibility with Usability to Serve Diverse...

In discussions about accessibility and diversity, our thoughts tend to jump to ARIA links, screen readers, and people of different ethnicities. While these are key aspects to both topics, this talk will push your thinking to considerations beyond accessibility and diversity basics. At its core, embracing accessibility provides us with a launching ramp to usability, and it helps us to serve and support a variety of users. Tearyne will detail her experiences creating user interfaces and experiences for the myERF user portal and with her teammates across ERF’s digital and print communication channels. Some of the topics she’ll cover are

Why accessibility is not just about accommodating disabilities, but core to creating a foundation for robust user experiences
Designing for audiences with different access to the internet – from different devices to no home or mobile internet access at all
Designing for users with different abilities, such as computer skill levels, education, and language proficiency
Providing content for audiences of different ages and socioeconomic backgrounds
Focusing on developing end-to-end experiences that ensure that your site, publications, and person-to-person experiences are accessible for diverse audiences
Using analytics data, user feedback surveys, and one-on-one interactions to improve your products

Tearyne D. Glover
Tearyne D. Glover is a Communication Specialist and the UX Developer for the Employees’ Retirement Fund of the City of Dallas, the civilian pension fund. Tearyne’s work serves over 14,000 employees, retirees, and former employees of the City, along with other stakeholders. She has worked for ERF for over two years and is a graduate of UT Arlington. In her position she designs, prototypes, and codes user interfaces for the myERF Pension portal. She also runs digital communications for ERF and coordinates the myERF helpdesk. Tearyne is from Marshall, Michigan, but has lived in Texas the past 10 years and so has dropped “you guys” for “y’all”. She currently resides in Dallas.

Link to slides: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1bE9sKtJGR0VINSU7tqSHlbMw_Y5A-8UJ_4jVOz9MMRw/edit


Slides: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1bE9sKtJGR0VINSU7tqSHlbMw_Y5A-8UJ_4jVOz9MMRw/edit

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