Texas Camp 2018 | How to Turn Support from a Groaner into a Key Advantage!

What happens to all those big, beautiful websites when they are released out into the world? Of course they evolve! From security updates to bug fixes, adding a blog to creating new and engaging interactive content... there is a world of continued development after launch. This is where the support organization comes in! Yet this work is often seen as drudgery and undesirable, or a necessary evil. Learn how you can turn that work into a key advantage for your company, develop strategic partnerships with your clients through your support team, and make for exciting work for the right group of developers.

Trasi Judd
Trasi has a project management background with a strong leaning toward software product management and Agile product ownership. She has worked in the tech industry since 1994 in companies ranging from semiconductor fabrication equipment to community collaboration web platforms, and now Drupal. She has an MBA from the University of Texas at Austin, speaks three (almost four) languages, and loves to bring order to chaos.


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