Texas Camp 2018 | Keynote: The Future of Drupal

Adapting to evolving technologies can be challenging. Learning new habits, embracing new ways of working, and adapting to the rate of change are all obstacles that need to be overcome. As a community, we are at a tipping point. We are changing how websites are built, used and hosted. We are even changing our perception of what a website is and does. Fortunately, Drupal is at the forefront of these changes. The release of Drupal 8, built using global PHP coding standards and other modern technologies, shows that this is the perfect time to be working with Drupal.

Michael Schmid
Michael Schmid is known to many in the community as Schnitzel, or sometimes “the long-haired guy yelling directions at everyone during the DrupalCon group photo”. He is the CTO of Amazee Group and amazee.io, and the CEO of Amazee Labs Austin. He’s a prolific Drupal contributor, an open source champion, and an enthusiastic pilot of both drones and airplanes. When not traveling the world as a combination Drupal evangelist and superhero, he lives in Austin, Texas where he enjoys brisket and long walks with his Greater Swiss Mountain Dog, Ladybird.


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