Texas Camp 2018 | 7 Design principles for developers

As humans beings, we have to design all time. We plan our day every morning, we choose the clothes we should wear, we arrange the stuff in the kitchen, etc. As web developers we do not always have a designer by our team to resolve every detail of our projects. Sometimes we face ourselves with the challenge of achieving something with the limited resources we have, make it beautiful and usable. Developing a successful website requires a combination of skills and resources, but we do not always have it at hand. Knowing a little about the language of our design partners and the principles with which they are riguered helps us to better understand their work and make better decisions when faced with a design problem. The purpose of this session is to explain the principles of design in a simple and interactive way: contrast, alignment, rhythm, proportion, proximity, hierarchy, and balance. And how to work with these principles to create a better experience in our websites and apps. If these principles are understood by all team members, it is possible to create thousands of possible combinations that always preserve balance and aesthetic beauty, across the whole project. Session takeaways: 1. It provides a basic vocabulary for programmers and designers to communicate better. 2. Proposes a starting point for the discussion between designers and developers on aesthetics and a harmonious structure 3. Offers tools to design your own web page or extend functionalities of a site in production, without compromising the aesthetics of the page. The presentation is useful for all types of public, from beginners to advanced.

Ana Laura Coto Tristan
UX/UI Designer / Website Administrator / Product Owner My work experience has led me through various fields of design and lidership. On my first job as a designer of interactive courses E-learning and LMS, then in the area of marketing and social networking, and now as a site administrator on Drupal and other CMS, where I have developed my leadership skills and coordination of very diverse work teams. That experience has allowed me to get involved in the processes of planning, development, and evaluation of new projects and service providers, as well as grown as a leader of multidisciplinary work teams. Science and arts have always been part of my life and largely define what I am: an adaptable designer and team leader, very focused on productivity and achievement of goals. Active and dynamic, dedicated to work and study, I like to give 100% in everything I do. In recent years I have been involved in processes of organizational transformation focused on the development of user experiences and the recognition of the interests and needs of our customers as a fundamental axis for the development of innovative solutions.


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