Texas Camp 2018 | Archiving and Visual Regression Using Drupal 8

Identifying when bugs get introduced on a website, content is changed, or evaluating the full impact of code and configuration changes, can be time-consuming and expensive. The Web Page Archive module can help alleviate these burdens for any public or internal-facing website; not just those built in Drupal. From this session, you will take away a web-based utility that can benefit anyone who builds or maintains websites and applications; regardless of your role.

This session will discuss:

Fundamental Web Page Archive concepts
Capturing screenshots and HTML based on a list of URLs or XML sitemaps
Comparing screenshots and HTML over time and across environments
Additional use cases
How to extend Web Page Archive by creating your own capture utilities
Project roadmap
How you can help
Those attending don't need any prior Drupal experience, but working knowledge of basic Drupal concepts may be beneficial.

David Stinemetze
David is a software developer at Rackspace in San Antonio, TX with nearly a decade of Drupal experience and is one of the primary maintainers of the Web Page Archive project. When he's not writing code, he can be found playing bass guitar with his band, enjoying a football game with friends or having exciting adventures with his toddler.


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