Texas Camp 2018 | Site Building 2.0: How Layout Builder will change everything

Layout Builder is a new experimental module for Drupal 8 and its implications are vast. In this session we're going to dig into the site builder implications of this new tool and how it's going to change your builds for the better. In this session we'll cover: Entity default layouts Controlling multiple view modes with layouts The new field placement and configuration tools in core Non-node entity layouts (terms, users, block_content entities and more) Custom entity layouts (node 5, block_content 3) Revisionable layouts Maybe a smattering of other built in features We'll also discuss: Our open issues in the issue queue What their implications for the greater whole of the module are Where we landed in reference to Drupal 8.5 What our time table for stability looks like (i.e. when can you start using this in the wild w/o reservations). Layout builder is going to change how everyone works with Drupal. Come get an all access early bird preview of how your next generation Drupal sites are going to work.

Kris Vanderwater
Kris has been involved with Drupal since the 4.6 days. He's been heavily involved in all sorts of page layout utilities over the years and has spent a significant portion of the Drupal 8 cycle working to get great layout tools into Drupal core.


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