How-to: Using "drupal-project" with Composer to Craft your Perfect Start-State

Hawkeye "Derek DeRaps" Tenderwolf

The drupal-project repository is quickly becoming the defacto starter for all Drupal 8 projects. In this session, I'll show you:

How to quickly spin up a new site with Composer and drupal-project
How to take drupal-project and customize it to suit your particular needs
How to leverage post-install tasks to keep yourself DRY
The goals of the learnings from this session are to:

Save time
Follow best practices
Make your development experience more enjoyable
Look cool in the process
This session is for you if:

You've been wanting to try out Composer
You already use Composer but want to learn more about the best practices
You frequently spin up new sites, whether for module development, agency work, or for funzies
You're thinking about using one of the popular distributions (e.g., Lightning)
You are a Composer expert, so you can heckle me and point out mistakes

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