Federated Search with Drupal, SOLR, and React (AKA the Decoupled Ouroboros)

Our session will begin with a tour through our recent project — bring content from disparate sites (D7, D8, Wordpress) into a single index and then serve results out in a consistent manner, allowing users to search across all included properties. We’ll discuss how we got started with React, our process for hooking up to SOLR, and how we used Drupal to tie the whole thing together.

Next, we’ll discuss how we abstracted this project into a reusable product to federate and serve data across disparate data sources, Drupal and otherwise. We’ll surface some assumptions we’ve made about platforms and data, and discuss what’s flexible in the product and what could use some more abstraction.

Finally, we’ll show you how you can leverage this product for your own sites and discuss our roadmap for future work.

Drupal is a registered trademark of Dries Buytaert.