React & Storybook for a Component-Driven, Atomic Designed, 💯 Tested, Accessible Frontend

Does a reusable, organized, fully tested and accessible React project sound like a dream? What about visualizing it as you build it for your teammates using Storybook?

Through our recent work at Four Kitchens with, we were able to accomplish this very setup to create a more performant and sustainable frontend for their Drupal 7 backend. In this session, we will walk through this approach and toolkit, including how to install and build a new React project using:

Storybook and React component structure
Atomic Design organization
Testing using Jest and Jest snapshots (and optional Jest Storybook addon)
Storybook A11y Addon for accessibility
Other helpful Storybook Addons like Link, Knobs, Notes, and more!
This talk is geared towards Frontend React/JavaScript developers including beginners!

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