Headless Architecture with the Multi-Tenant Platform

In this session we'll analyze how Chromatic and Meredith Corporation evaluated the benefits of decoupled architecture for Meredith’s brand portfolio. Meredith, who owns and operates a slew of media brands using Drupal to serve tens of millions of users per month, needed a platform that could accommodate all of the brands’ varying needs. After close examination, we concluded that a decoupled architecture was the best solution.

In this session we’ll:

see why the architecture of our code is most successful when it reflects business goals.
discuss the roles of Drupal and Express in our headless platform and how we drew the lines between them.
cover the tools and techniques we used to connect the various layers; including Varnish, json:api, a custom data mapper, and custom APIs.
explore how otherwise isolated sites share and contribute back to the code used across a shared Meredith platform.
This session is for anybody interested in what a decoupled architecture looks like in a context where content and resources are shared across a variety of sites.

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