Imagine Canada Grant Connect: A Case Study with Contenta CMS & React

In this session, we'll explore Therefore Interactive's experience building a data-rich, and highly interactive web application leveraging the Contenta Decoupled Drupal 8 Distribution and a React Material UI, based front-end.

Working to modernize a robust, legacy product for a nationally recognized non-profit leader and social enterprise (Imagine Canada's Grant Connect) required careful consideration and an optimized approach. A dedicated and specialized customer base, a restrictive budget, and decades of highly complex data, all presented unique challenges to solve.

Exploring both process and approach, from initial research, through beta launch, this presentation will outline Therefore Interactive's journey to deliver a market-ready product in 3 months by leveraging best in class technology, parallel development efforts, and a focused minimum viable product strategy.

Topics we'll cover:

Process: UX research, strategy, and design, Agile
Approach: minimum viable product, close collaboration, feedback & iteration
Development: parallel efforts, cross-disciplinary teams
Technology: Contenta, React, Material UI
What attendees should know:

Basic familiarity with UX, Agile development, and MVP
Basic familiarity or experience with React, decoupled Drupal
What an attendee will learn:

First hand experience implementing Contenta + React in building a data rich web application
How a decoupled technical approach using Drupal is a good fit for building content management based products and services
How MVP oriented UX strategy and close Agile collaboration can produce great results in a short period of time

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